The Sweet Memory of Sweetest Pudding Gud Aate ka Halwa

Every year winter season brings back some mouth-watering cuisines, back in my college days, I still remember those frosty Delhi winters, foggy mornings, bone chilling breeze, I never wanted to go to college, but to cuddle with my warm cozy bed all the day. Whenever I take an off (citing some fake excuse) which generally always works in my favor, my mom feed my endless craving of dry fruit rich, hot and sweet gud-aate ka halwa (Wheat flour and jaggery pudding). I snuggled within my palms on cold mornings, lazily flipping through one of many novels while eating the most amazing reciepe of winters.

People have different winter food memory, some will say they were crave for gajar ka halwa, some will think about a warm bowl of soup caressing their numb fingers or a strong cup of black coffee to relax your clattering teeth, but nothing can beat the rich atte ka halwa during these winter months, sometimes to soothe our sore throats, other times just as a quick after meal dessert. This halwa is indeed wholesome – whole wheat flour is slow roasted in ghee till it turns glistening golden, then sweetened with gud (jaggery), resulting in a rich concoction few spoons of which will instantly make you feel full.

In case you have some atta leftover from that package ofdurum wheat flour you bought to make rotis, this is another recipe for you to try. The main ingredient here is atta (whole wheat flour) which gives thehalwa a smooth & velvety texture. Gud or jaggery, an unrefined sugar made from boiling date, sugar cane or palm juice is an extremely popular sweetener used all over India. It is considered a benefiting to the body in Ayurvedic medicine and is available in blocks, loaves or powdered form.The unique mild taste of jaggery adds a taste comparable to molasses and a light caramel color to the dishes.The color & the sweetness of this halwa depends mainly on the content of molasses in it.

My mom has taught me how to cook this amazing dish in a quick step, you’ll need 3 or 4 cup of desi ghee, 2 cloves, 1 cup wheat flour, 3 cup of water, 1 cup jaggery powdered, nuts and cashwes to serve.

In a heavy bottomed pan or kadhai, heat the ghee on a medium low heat till it melts. Once the ghee has melted, add the clove and wait till it crackles. Next, add the flour and roast on medium- low heat, stirring constantly until the wheat flour gets golden brown colour. Do not rush this step else the flour will remain raw.It should take about 10-12 minutes and you will see golden brown, glistening syrup like melted ghee & flour in the pan.

Meanwhile, on the second stove, in a sauce pan, heat water on high.Put off the stove. Wait for 1-2 minutes. Add jaggery to the warm water and stir until the it completely dissolves. If you have broken jaggery from the block and the big chunks are taking time to dissolve, heat up the water a little bit (but do not let it boil). Let sit near to stove.

Once the wheat flour has turned dark brown and it has roasted nicely,reduce heat to low and very carefully pour in the jaggery water into the roasted wheat-flour. It will splutter so be careful. Add the cardamom powder as well.

On low heat, stir quickly and continuously (to avoid lumps) and cook for a minute or less until the mixture turns smooth.Once you add the water, the mixture will immediately cup up and increase in volume.Do not cook for long time else the halwa will thicken and turn dry. Pick the cloves and discard. Mix in the nuts and cashew and combine.

Serve the halwa warm or at room temperature and enjoy the meal